Towards Peaceful and Plural Politics in Afghanistan


Towards Peaceful and Plural Politics in Afghanistan: Rethinking approaches to Afghan peacemaking in the wake of the Taliban takeover.
Report of a consultation with veterans of pre-August 2021 reconciliation efforts

Authors: Mawlvi Atta ur Rahman Saleem and Michael Semple

The current report is intended as an initial contribution to the process of making sense of the Taliban takeover and its implications for peacemaking in Afghanistan. The research tapped into the expertise of a select group of Afghans to provide some insights for policymakers on priority actions to chart essential pathways towards peaceful and plural politics in Afghanistan.

The overriding question is: in the light of the profound changes in Afghanistan since the Taliban takeover, what needs to be done to get the country back on course towards sustainable peace?

Responses from the Afghans consulted in the study provide some of the answer of what a reworked peace process might look like. This consultation will have to be built upon if there is to be a comprehensive rethink of Afghan peace in the light of the changed context.