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About PeaceRep

Reimagining peace and transition processes amid changing conflict landscapes


PeaceRep is re-thinking peace and transition processes in light of changing conflict dynamics, changing demands of inclusion, and changes in patterns of global intervention in conflict and peace/mediation/transition management processes.

We are supporting the reimagining of peace and transition processes through a range of traditional, praxis, and digitally innovative research tools and projects.


Our work is organised into four research modalities: understanding what we term the ‘fragment state’ conditions; praxis research support in-country to reinventing peace processes; geopolitical dimensions and global transitions; and digital transformation of peace and conflict research, or PeaceTech.

Each modality will produce a range of outputs: publications and policy briefs; workshops and events; and datasets, country interfaces, and dashboards.

World map


Our core research countries are Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. These countries exemplify fragment state dynamics and require new frameworks for approaching transition processes.

We also work in a number of countries for ‘praxis’ (practice-based) comparative research, where research is focused on active peace and transition support to in-time issues. These include Afghanistan, Ethiopia/Ogaden, Myanmar, and Ukraine.

The geopolitical dimensions of our work inform better understanding of how non-ODA states such as Russia, China, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, and a range of regional organisations intervene in peace and transition processes, and with what goals.

Consortium and partners

PeaceRep is a seven-year research consortium led by the University of Edinburgh Law School. Consortium members include:
Conciliation Resources, Conflict and Civicness Research Group at LSE, Coventry University’s Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations, Dialectiq, Edinburgh Centre for Constitutional Law, International IDEA, LSE Middle East Centre, Queens University Belfast, University of St Andrews, University of Stirling, and the University of Glasgow.

We also work with a range of partners in the field, including Yemen Policy Centre, Yemen Polling Centre, Peace Track Initiative, and more.

PeaceRep is funded by UK Aid from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), UK.