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PA-X Tracker: Peace and Transition Process Tracker

Pioneering Peace Analytics

PA-X Tracker

The PA-X Tracker is a new, innovative digital tool offering data-driven insights to support peace and transition processes.

The suite of PeaceTech tools contained within the PA-X Tracker enables users to track and monitor progress and implementation of peace and transition processes. The Tracker allows users to understand how peace processes are unfolding, who is involved in them, and what impact the processes have had on a range of institutional, political, economic, humanitarian and security indicators.


Further information

As a PeaceTech tool, the PA-X Tracker draws on the PA-X Peace Agreement Database and external data from trusted sources to offer:

  • Strategic insight. Supporting adaptive management of peace process implementation through strategic, data-driven insights.
  • Data convergence. Bringing together quantitative, qualitative, structured and unstructured data in a single interactive platform, enabling easy exploration of processes and a nuanced understanding of conflict and peace dynamics.
  • Global accessibility. Offering free, open-access data-driven evidence to a wide audience for informed decision-making, in ways that support and inform in-house data platforms.
  • New research capacity. Supporting the evolution of digital data-driven research methods in the peace and conflict field by sharing the methodologies behind our PeaceTech tools.

Users can compare data across different country contexts, or can select a country of interest to view country-specific data on a timeline, through interactive dashboards, interactive network graphs and other data driven applications.

Country view of the PA-X Tracker dashboard
Dashboards and visualisations available when selecting a specific country

The Tracker is designed for international, national and local mediators, peacebuilders, researchers, policymakers and anyone with an interest in understanding and monitoring contemporary peace and transition processes.

Key Features

  • Interactive timelines of institutional change and key moments in a peace process.
  • Actor network graphs showing past agreement signatories.
  • Peace process overviews to enable comparative analysis.
  • Quantitative data for measurement of peace and conflict impacts
  • Interactive maps that combine data to show a picture of peace and conflict data.
  • Local data collections bridging the gap between quantitative pictures of change and local perceptions of peace.
  • Qualitative implementation data for South Sudan and Ukraine.


A view of the PA-X Tracker dashboard showing global data
A view of the PA-X Tracker dashboard showing global data

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