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PeaceFem mobile app

A mobile app to support inclusive mediation


The PeaceFem mobile app provides insights and strategies to support women’s inclusion in peacemaking.

Designed for women’s rights advocates, mediation and negotiation teams, and other peace and security actors, PeaceFem contains strategies for influencing peace processes, as well as the resulting gender-sensitive provisions in peace agreements and data on their implementation. Launched in July 2020, the app is now in use in 60 countries around the globe and is available in five languages: Arabic, Burmese, English, French, and Indonesian.

Version 2 is now live! The latest update includes:

  • new case studies on women’s involvement and gender perspectives in peace processes in Afghanistan, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Tunisia;   
  • now fully available in Burmese, French, Indonesian, alongside English and Arabic;  
  • technical improvements to improve user experience.

PeaceFem content is easily accessible and available offline, so the app can be used in areas with little or no internet connectivity. Search by region, country/entity, peace process, provision category, and strategy category. The app’s small size (50MB on iPhone) doesn’t take up much space on mobile phones.

PeaceFem was produced by researchers, peace and security practitioners and gender specialists from UN Women, Inclusive Peace, Monash University’s Gender, Peace and Security Centre, and PeaceRep: The Peace and Conflict Resolution Evidence Platform at the University of Edinburgh. The app draws on PA-X peace agreement data from the University of Edinburgh, and 30 case studies developed by Inclusive Peace and Monash University’s Gender, Peace and Security Centre.

PeaceFem is a contribution to the growing field of PeaceTech, which uses technology to support peacebuilding.

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The PeaceFem mobile application is an example of how technology can be leveraged for more inclusive peacemaking in the Arab region and beyond. Innovative tools, such as PeaceFem, are critical in assisting the necessary access to information on gender in peace processes for all.

– Susanne Mikhail, UN Women Regional Director for the Arab States

From Burundi to the Philippines, women around the world consistently call for their rightful place at the table in peace processes, often at great risk to their personal safety. PeaceFem is a celebration of these efforts, showcasing the creative ways that women advocate for inclusive processes across diverse circumstances, where resultant peace agreements have embodied a gender perspective, and the critical factors that can enable or constrain their inclusion. We are delighted that this new version of PeaceFem enables Indonesian and French speaking women’s rights advocates to access this collective knowledge from their smartphones, in order to support their efforts to advance the Women, Peace and Security agenda in ongoing peace processes in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

– Laura Wise, PeaceRep Research Fellow

Despite the attention generated by the 20th anniversary of UNSCR1325, it seems like the WPS agenda at large, including ideas on strategies for advancing women’s meaningful women’s inclusion in peace processes and political transitions, is currently stuck, much likemost of the world’s track 1 peace processes. Women can play an important role to revitalize and rethink processes.The updated version of the PeaceFem app – with new case studies and now available in more languages – provides free access to the tools, experiences, and insights of fellow WPS practitioners that can help users to think about strategies that can get gender responsive provisions into peace agreements, and also advance the WPS agenda more broadly.

– Thania Paffenholz, Director of Inclusive Peace

Watch this walkthrough video on how to use the app:

For detailed instructions, read our user guides (PDF format):

User Guide (Arabic)

User Guide (Burmese)

User Guide (English)

User Guide (French)

User Guide (Indonesian)


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App Data

The app dataset for PeaceFem Version 2 will soon be made publicly available.

To request a copy of the dataset file in .xlsx format, please contact the the PeaceFem team via email: