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NUAcT PhD Studentship: Children’s Rights in Peace Processes

Application Closing Date: 15 March 2023

Full tuition fees at the Home or International rate plus an annual stipend equivalent to the National Minimum Doctoral Stipend (£17,688 from Oct 2022) across 3 years.

Newcastle Law School at Newcastle University invites applicants for a doctoral studentship for research in children’s rights in societies attempting to transition from conflict to peace, broadly construed. The successful candidate will be supervised by Dr Sean Molloy and will join a vibrant research community in the School and Newcastle University. It is anticipated that the successful applicant will be a member of the School’s Lawyering, Rights and Justice research grouping and the University’s Child and Youth NuCore.

While the correlation between children’s rights violations and war is well documented, the relationships that exist between children’s rights and peacebuilding are less understood. The language of children’s rights can be used to advocate for the inclusion of children in the content of peace agreements and children’s rights can serve as the normative, moral, and legal basis for ensuring that children’s views are heard and considered during peace negotiations, peace agreement implementation and peacebuilding more generally. Conversely, processes and mechanisms tasked with dealing with the past and/or building peace can be utilised to ensure that children’s rights are respected, protected, and realised during and after war to peace transitions. Scholars have, for instance, examined children’s rights in the context of transitional justice, restorative justice, and transformative justice. Momentum is building around the salience of children’s rights to peacebuilding processes and the various iterations of this relationship.

Set in this research context, applicants are invited to propose a programme of study towards furthering research on children’s rights in transitioning societies. Potential themes might include:

Children’s Rights and Peace Agreements
Children Rights and Peace Negotiations and/or Peace Agreement implementation
Children’s Peace Activism with a focus on Rights
The role of Children’s Civil Society Organisations in promoting children’s rights during peace processes
Children’s Rights and Transitional, Restorative or Transformative Justice
The role of international and regional organisations, broadly construed, in promoting children’s rights as part of their engagement with peacebuilding processes.

Start Date: September 2023

Award Duration: 3 years

Application Closing Date: 15 March 2023

For full details, eligibility criteria and how to apply, click here (Newcastle University webpage).