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Perceptions of Peace in South Sudan dashboard tile Ukraine Conflict Map tile Overview page of children and youth in peace agreements database

Perceptions of Peace in South Sudan

Ukraine Conflict Map

Children and Youth Dashboard

This interactive dashboard presents insights from longitudinal survey data, with key findings on peace and security, public authority, governance, and elections. Our visualisation of conflict in Ukraine  maps intricate data sourced from different portals. Filter by violence, death in conflict, ethnic makeup, power plants and humanitarian corridors in Ukraine. This interactive data report presents references to children and/or youth in peace agreements signed between 1990 and 2022.
Preview of Mapping Syria visualisation Russia Actor Network tile

Mapping Syria

Russia as a Global Peace Actor


Mapping institutional status, public authority and legitimacy, justice, and inclusive development using innovative expert surveys. Explore actor networks representing past peace and transition agreements where Russia has been involved globally, since 1990. Examine the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on peace and transition processes through the COVID-19 Ceasefires Tracker, library and datasets.