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Designed by PeaceRep, our courses and training sessions support the development of peacebuilding professionals, conflict advisers, and students.

PeaceRep’s teaching programme draws on our data-driven, comparative research into the design and management of peace and transition processes. This is part of our commitment to knowledge exchange and best practice in peace and conflict studies, and our vision to inform students’ and professionals’ understandings of emerging trends and tools in peace processes, conflict resolution, and digital transformation.

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Listen to War, Peace & the In Between, a PeaceRep podcast charting journeys from violent conflict to lasting peace.

The series features conversations between researchers and practitioners from the University of Edinburgh and beyond.


Our infographics illustrate key themes from our research into 30 years of peace processes around the world, drawn from the PA-X Peace Agreement Database. Explore our findings on peace processes, gender perspectives in peace agreements, multiple types of power-sharing, amnesties, transitional justice, and structural pressures and political instability.

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Our videos include recordings of our online events, including our popular Peace Talks webinar series, as well as presentations and recordings from PeaceRep partners.