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Review - When Peace Kills Politics: International Intervention in the Sudans


Matthew Benson highlights the importance of economic considerations in understanding politics in war and peace processes.

Review - How to End Wars: Lawyering Peace in a Changing World


A new book prompts the question: How will law and politics continue to work together in the context of new conflict dynamics?

Can political finance explain the different development stories in Ethiopia and Sudan?


Differences in political finance have impacted on political settlements and, ultimately, on developmental trajectories.

Research Themes

PeaceRep is re-thinking the future of peace and transition processes amidst changing conflict landscapes. Our research covers four broad themes: fragmentation, peace processes, PeaceTech, and geopolitical agreement. Read more about each theme at the links below.



Understanding conflict fragmentation and implications for policy and practice

Peace Processes


What is the future of peace and transition processes in a fragmented conflict landscape?



Digital innovation and data to support adaptive management of peace processes

Geopolitical Transitions


Understanding shifts in the geopolitical context of peace and transition processes

Data for Peace

PeaceRep is building PeaceTech innovation focused on better data for supporting adaptive management of peace processes within country. Our research is underpinned by the PA-X Peace Agreements Database.

Version 6 of PA-X is now live! Explore a database of 1,950+ peace agreements found in more than 150 peace processes between 1990 and 2022.

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