Incremental Peace in Afghanistan


Incremental Peace in Afghanistan


Larson, A., & Ramsbotham, A. (2018). Incremental peace in Afghanistan (Accord) [PSRP Report, Accord]. Conciliation Resources.

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Watch editors & authors of the report on Afghanistan share their thoughts on the way forward for peace in Afghanistan at the report launch event in this video.

In shorter videos, contributors also discuss the prospects for peace in Afghanistan. The first short video summarises the report and introduces the incremental process. Further short videos focus on women’s participation in peace talks in Afghanistan, on hybrid model for justice and how it could work, on the national reconciliation policy with armed groups, and on inclusive politics.

Abstract: A radical new approach is needed in Afghanistan to build peace step-by-step. There needs to be a move beyond peace rhetoric, through a progressive, step-by-step process towards a political settlement which builds stability, confidence and legitimacy over time. The short-term objective should be a reduction in violence. The long-term objective should be to achieve a more inclusive peace process that is representative of, and endorsed by, Afghan society as a whole. In this Accord, contributors including Afghan and international men and women from academia, the military, government, armed opposition and civil society, examine the prospects for peace in the country, and how this could be achieved.

Keywords: Afghanistan, Peace Processes, Conflict

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