Mapping Ukraine’s democratic space in 40 localities

Authors: Valentyn Hatsko, Myroslava Savisko, Andrii Darkovich and Khrystyna Petrynka

The ongoing war in Ukraine presents diverse economic, security, and social challenges, varying by locality. This report focuses on the role of municipal authorities as key to Ukraine’s resilience, particularly through decentralization reforms.

Drawing on data from 118 local activists in 40 territorial hromadas, collected through surveys and interviews, the report delves into economic well-being, security conditions, and governance structures. It emphasizes the granular insights provided by local experts and employs a methodology linking meso and macro levels of analysis through a cross-country network of activist-experts. Identified vulnerabilities include hromadas affected by military actions and rural hromadas, emphasizing the importance of networks and citizen collaboration for resilience during wartime. The emergence of new NGOs signals positive change but requires sustained institutional support to prevent burnout and ensure a balance between military and civilian activities. Trust-building between local activists and authorities remains a persistent challenge.

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