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Visualising conflict ceasefires data over COVID-19 infection rates, Visualising conflict ceasefires data over COVID-19 infection rates2021, 2021IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference presentation, October 2021, IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference presentation, October 2021video, videopeacereppeace-processes

, , Covid, emergencies and transitions: The impact of emergency law responses to Covid-192021Session recording from the 2021 Stockholm Forum on Peace and Developmentvideoedinburgh-centre-for-constitutional-law international-idea psrppeace-processes

Four ways for women to access male-dominated peace talks2021, Short video based on a PSRP/UN Women papervideoun-womengender peace-processes

Security Agenda Gender Provisions in Peace Accords: Reflections on Negotiation, Design and Implementation in Support of the Women, Peace and Security Agenda2020, Webinarvideopsrpgender peace-processes

, Book Launch and Roundtable on Women's Rights in Armed Conflict under International Law2021, Online Eventvideopsrp tjigender peace-processes

Interim or Transitional Arrangements: Addressing Dilemmas for International Support2021PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideo psrppeace-processes

Three Forms of Power-sharing and their Relationship to Inclusion of Non-dominant Groups2021PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideopsrppeace-processes

Regional Responses to Covid-19: From Mercosur to the African Union2021PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideo psrppeace-processes

Global Ungovernance2021PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideopsrppeace-processes

Conflict, Peace & Covid-19 in the Middle East2021PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideo psrppeace-processes

Why Local Peace Agreements Matter2020PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideopsrppeace-processes

Introduction to the Amnesties, Conflict and Peace Agreements Database2020PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideopsrppeace-processes

A Quick Start Guide to the Power of PA-X2020PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideopsrppeace-processes

Using the PA-X Database to Understand Gender Perspectives in Peace Agreements2020, OxPeace Conference 2020video psrpgender peace-processes

South Sudan's Transition: Citizens' Perception of Peace2020PAX Protection of Civilians Conference 2020video asprpeace-processes

PeaceTech and Data4Peace: What are we learning?2021PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideopsrppeace-processes

Peace Talks: Ceasefires in a Time of Covid-192020PSRP Peace Talks webinar seriesvideopsrppeace-processes

Catherine O'Rourke on Women's Rights in Armed Conflict under International Law2020, Trinity College Dublin’s Law School Author Seriesvideotrinity-college-dublingender peace-processes

Can PeaceTech end conflict during Covid-19? 2020, Edinburgh University Women in STEM Connect Presentationvideoedinburgh-university-women-in-stemgender peace-processes

The Media in Deeply Divided Societies2019SCI & PSRP Conferencevideosocial-change-initiativepeace-processes

, Making inclusive peace a reality: Virtual launch of the PeaceFem mobile app2020, Online event videopsrp un-womengender peace-processes

Founding Women: A dialogue with women constitution-makers2019, PSRP and International IDEA Eventvideopsrpgender peace-processes

Local Peace Processes: Joint Analysis Workshop2019Joint Analysis Workshopvideo psrppeace-processes

, 7 Tactics for Women to Influence Stalled Peace Processes2019, Video from UN Women and PSRPvideopsrp un-womengender peace-processes

Accord: Peacebuilding in Tunisian border regions2018Accordvideoconciliation-resourcespeace-processes

Inclusive Politics in Afghanistan2018Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcespeace-processes

President Najibullah and the National Reconciliation Policy2018Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcespeace-processes

Inclusive and sustainable justice in Afghanistan2018Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcespeace-processes

Incremental peace in Afghanistan (short video)2018Accord Filmconciliation-resourcespeace-processes

Incremental peace in Afghanistan2018Accord Filmconciliation-resourcespeace-processes