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PeaceRep’s Ukraine research aims to deepen understandings of the war and support ongoing responses to the conflict.

The Russo-Ukrainian war is one of the most consequential events of our time, with the potential to escalate rapidly beyond the borders of Ukraine and Russia.

We are providing data and analysis on social infrastructures, economies, and institutions with the aim of supporting Ukrainian democracy and territorial integrity in tandem with human rights and security in the wider region.

Entrance to a building painted with the Ukraine flag and sunflower motifs

PeaceRep’s research and outreach activities in Ukraine include:

  1. Exploring the possibility of peace talks between Ukraine and Russia under the current Russian leadership, and the criteria that any negotiations would need to meet in order to be held;
  2. Sponsoring the Russia-Ukraine Dialogues: a weekly panel series hosted by LSE Ideas which brings experts together to report on and discuss the war’s impacts on various global issues;
  3. Developing innovative interactive data platforms to translate robust evidence – gathered in Ukraine and across the region – into policy analysis and to support ongoing response to the conflict. This forms part of our wider programme work on PeaceTech.


The Ukraine project is led by the Conflict and Civicness Research Group at LSE Ideas, and is delivered in collaboration with the Institute of Human Sciences (IWM, Vienna), The Kyiv School of Economics (KSE), and Jagiellonian University, Poland.

Research Team: Tymofii Brik (KSE), Luke Cooper, Leon Hartwell, Mary Kaldor, Julia Ryng, Seema Syeda (LSE Ideas), Karolina Czerska-Shaw, Agata Mazurkiewicz, Wojciech Michnik (Jagiellonian University), Cindy Wittke (Leibniz-IOS), and Katherine Younger (IWM).

Edinburgh PeaceTech Digital Team: Devanjan Bhattacharya, Niamh Henry, Adam Farquhar, Fiona Knaussel, and Sanja Badanjak (School of Law, University of Edinburgh).


Ukraine Research



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