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Children and Youth (C&Y) in Peace Agreements Database and Dataset

Interactive data report on Children and Youth Provisions in Peace Agreements


This interactive data report presents references to children and/or youth in peace agreements signed between 1990 and 2022. This dataset has drawn on 348 peace agreements in PA-X, which code for general references to children and/or youth. Using this data, the Children and Youth in Peace Agreements dataset further codes these provisions into specific topics. Coded topics include child soldiers, children’s rights, children and transitional justice, children and third-party actors and children and references to their inclusion, protection and provision.

While initially conceived as a database on children and peace agreements, provisions addressing youths have also been included under each category owing to variations in meanings attributed to both the categories of children and youth. That is, because in many societies the meaning of children and youths are context specific and socially constructed, with fluctuating age ranges for each group depending on the country in question, the presentation of provisions addressing both will assist users in best determining where youth references might also be interpreted as pertaining to children.

Browse the interactive dashboard below to explore the new dataset:

  • View an overview of the dataset, gain insights into the processes that address children and youth, dive into topics related to children and youth and see how agreement texts reference them.
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  • Please cite any references to this data as:
    • Sean Molloy (2023) Children and Youth in Peace Agreements Database. Accessible at: [Accessed on: date accessed]


About the Children and Youth in Peace Agreements Database and Dataset

The Children and Youth in Peace Agreements Dataset was developed by Sean Molloy (Newcastle University) as a new sub-database of the PA-X Peace Agreements (v6). Additional database coding was provided by Bernardo Carvalho de Mello, a PhD student at Newcastle Law School (Newcastle University).

Dr Sean Molloy is a NUAcT Fellow in Law at Newcastle Law School and an affiliate of PeaceRep at the University of Edinburgh.

Sean’s recent research focuses on children’s rights, peace processes and transitional justice. He holds a PhD from the University of Edinburgh and degrees from Queen’s University Belfast, University of Ulster and Liverpool John Moore’s. He has published in the areas of international human rights law, constitutional law and transitional justice, and authored numerous reports on peace agreements.

The interactive data report was developed by Niamh Henry, PeaceRep Fellow in Data Engineering at the University of Edinburgh.