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PeaceRep is building PeaceTech innovation focused on better data for supporting adaptive management of peace and transition processes. We are producing a state of the art method for measuring change across a portfolio of indicators, to support analysis of peace processes and implementation.

As the cornerstone of our PeaceTech work, the PA-X Peace Agreements Database contains more than 2000 peace agreements from peace processes between 1990 and 2022. PA-X data underpins a range of digital tools to support policy and practice, including visualisations, trackers, interactive timelines, infographics, and a mobile app. Browse all digital tools below.

PA-X Peace Agreements Database


PA-X is the most expansive collection of peace agreements data in the world, containing more than 2,000 peace agreements.

Perceptions of Peace in South Sudan


This interactive dashboard presents insights from longitudinal survey data, with key findings on peace and security, public authority, governance, and elections.



The PeaceFem app shares data and resources on women's inclusion in peacemaking in one easy-to-use app. Now available in four languages.

Covid-19 Ceasefires Tracker


A publicly available digital tracking tool to examine the global consequences of the coronavirus outbreak on peace processes and armed conflict.

Mapping Syria


Mapping institutional status, public authority and legitimacy, justice, and inclusive development using innovative expert surveys.

Yemen Timeline


Visualising the Yemeni conflict's main peace and transition documents to date, drawn from the PA-X Peace Agreements Database.



Explore our data visualisations on 30 years of research on peace processes, drawn from the PA-X Peace Agreements Database.



Listen to War, Peace & the In Between, a podcast charting journeys from violent conflict to lasting peace.