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Peace Analytics Series

Understanding the research methodology behind PeaceRep’s PeaceTech innovations


PeaceRep’s Peace Analytics Series features the research methodology underlying the PeaceTech innovations of the PeaceRep programme.

The series includes: data scoping research; ‘how to’ discussions relating to particular challenges in the field of visualisations and geocoding; and other proof-of-concept tech-based innovations, such as the use of natural language processing. It is intended to present the methodologies and decisions behind our PeaceTech digital research, to make it transparent, and to contribute to establishing a new research digital infrastructure in the field of peace and conflict studies, by supporting others to reuse and repurpose our methodologies and findings.

The series was launched with a paper by Laura Wise exploring new analytical insights from the PeaceFem app.

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Peace Analytics Series reports

Extracting Named Actors from Text: Using Named Entity Recognition (NER) in Peace and...

This report explores the potential role of Named Entity Recognition (NER) in peace and conflict studies, drawing insights from PeaceRep's use of the technology.

Semantic Analysis to Support Peace Analytics

This report describes the application of sentence-level semantic similarity technology for analysis of peace process documentation.

A Primer on Geocoding for Peace and Conflict Studies

This report explores the concept of geocoding, its evolution, and its benefits and drawbacks, as well as practical suggestions for working with geocoding tools and peace agreements.

From Protests to Paper: Using PeaceFem to Analyse Women's Inclusion in Peace Processes

This paper examines the PeaceFem mobile app dataset and what it reveals about women's participation in peace processes over time.

Understanding PeaceTech: A think piece to support the development of Peace Analytics

This 'think piece' offers an understanding of 'PeaceTech' and examines how technologies can and are being used in efforts to build and sustain peace.