Dr Kathryn Nash speaks about using PA-X to inform international policy-making


Dr. Kathryn Nash of the PSRP spoke about the use of PA-X Peace Agreements Database for informing international policy-making at a recent knowledge exchange event.

The event, ‘Learning Lunch: Engaging with Policymakers Internationally’, took place on 21 November 2019 and included three panellists: Dr Sole Garcia Ferrari (ECA), Dr Sam Spiegel (SSPS) and Dr Kathryn Nash (Law). The researchers shared experiences on their involvement with policymakers drawing from wide-ranging fieldwork and work experiences in respectively Columbia and Mexico; Zimbabwe and Indonesia; and Africa. They discussed the challenges that come with the engagement of policy-making informed by academic research and offered suggestions for overcoming these challenges.

Having worked with policymakers as a diplomat before embarking on an academic career, Dr. Nash’s experience offered a unique perspective on this topic. During the event Dr. Nash illustrated the use of PA-X Peace Agreements Database to engage directly with international policymakers who are involved in peace building processes. In addition, the importance of successful collaborations with local communities was stressed when informing policy-making. The event ended with a Q&A session.

The event was part of the Knowledge Exchange Learning Lunch series held by Edinburgh Research Office.

A blog post on the event is forthcoming on our website.

Photo: Hannah den Boer