PSRP and Oklahoma State University collaborate on global security governance project


Dr Brooke Coe, Assistant Professor at Oklahoma State University, recently undertook a research visit to Edinburgh to work on a new project with the PSRP.

Dr Coe and PSRP Research Fellow, Dr Kathryn Nash, are embarking on a major project to explore the changing nature of global security governance. They are looking at to what degree and in what capacity do global and (sub)regional organisations engage in peace processes in order to understand the role international actors play in transitions away from conflict. This research will add to our understanding of regional and international security governance at a point when the world is becoming increasingly multipolar and when there are moves in several regions to develop policies and practices of subsidiarity.

As part of her visit, Dr Coe met with a number of academics from the University of Edinburgh as well as with the Law School Research Office to help to establish institutional connections between the University of Edinburgh and Oklahoma State University.

Dr Coe earned her BA and PhD from the University of Minnesota. She conducts research and teaches at the intersection of comparative politics and international relations, and her interests include comparative regional law and organisations in the Global South, state sovereignty and international interventions, and transitional justice.  Her work has been published in Global Governance and Global Responsibility to Protect, and her book Sovereignty in the South was recently published with Cambridge University Press.