PA-X Database development highlighted in 'Pathways to Peace and Security' journal

Dr Badanjak’s paper is complemented by two relevant articles in this publication which are also included in the section titled “Datasets and Mathematical Methods in Peace and Conflict Studies”, authored respectively by Stina Högbladh (Uppsala University) and Thomas Morgan (Institute for Economics and Peace, Sydney).

Stina Högbladh’s paper, titled “Peace agreements in armed conflicts: Focusing on finding a solution to the conflict incompatibility”, describes the most up-to-date version of the Uppsala Conflict Data Program’s (UCDP) Peace Agreement Dataset. The paper also provides an analysis of key trends in the dataset’s peace agreements.

Thomas Morgan refers to the Global Peace Index (GPI) in an article titled “Peace as a composite indicator: The goals and future of the Global Peace Index”. Morgan describes how the GPI, a composite indicator of peacefulness at the national level, brings together multiple indicators of violence to represent a continuous measure of peacefulness.

Dr Badanjak’s article is now available via the project’s publications database.