PSRP researcher awarded Chancellor's Fellowship

As of August 2020, Political Settlements Research Programme’s Dr. Sanja Badanjak has started in her new role as Chancellor’s Fellow in Global Challenges.

The Chancellor’s Fellowship provides an opportunity for researchers to develop their research agenda over a period of five years, and to transition into the post of lecturer, pending successful review. The Fellowships are intended to support cutting-edge interdisciplinary research, and Sanja will focus on bringing together insights from political science, legal studies, and data science in order to better understand the processes though which political arrangements in fragile societies may achieve stability and constancy, that is, the manner in which they become institutionalised. This will build on her work with the PA-X Peace Agreements Database and Dataset, which she will continue to develop and extend as part of her new role.

Sanja remains with the University of Edinburgh Law School and affiliated with the PSRP, and with PA-X in particular, though she will be focusing more on developing, planning, and implementing future research aimed at addressing the challenges which developing countries are currently facing.