Founding Women dialogue: perspectives from women constitution makers (video)

International IDEA and the Political Settlements Research Programme hosted the first annual Women Constitution Makers Dialogue in Edinburgh in October 2019. This historic event brought together women who have played an instrumental role in constitution-building in The Gambia, Tunisia, Egypt, Nepal, Kenya, Hungary, South Africa, Syria, South Sudan, Northern Ireland, the Philippines, and the Maldives. In a new video produced by PSRP, event participants share their experiences of navigating gender and social transformation in a variety of contexts and discuss the importance of women’s participation in constitution building.

During the dialogue, discussions ranged from the conceptual frameworks on women’s participation, representation, and influence in constitution making processes, to real-world case studies of successes and challenges in identifying and negotiating political inclusion and the strategic interests of women.

Following the success of the event, participants plan to establish a Global Network of Women Constitution Makers to elevate the role of women in constitution making. The annual dialogue will serve as a network forum wherein women constitution-makers, peacebuilders, researchers and international advisors can examine country-level experiences, exchange ideas, and increase the visibility of women constitution makers globally. To get involved, email us at

Watch Founding Women: A dialogue with women constitution makers now.