Explore global peace processes with our new interactive infographics

PSRP has launched a new series of interactive infographics about global peace processes and political settlements.

The first in the series, Peace Processes, compiles key information about peace agreements and how they fit into wider peace processes around the world. Peace Processes is the first in a series of interactive infographics that will be published in 2020, including gender perspectives, political power-sharing, amnesties, and transitional justice. We hope these tools will facilitate research on peacemaking so that new ways of attempting to resolve intractable conflicts in deeply divided places can be developed in a way that maximises social justice.

The data in these infographics is drawn from our own PA-X Peace Agreement Database, a database and repository of peace agreements from 1990 to 2018 that is capable of underpinning both qualitative and quantitative research.

The interactive infographics expand our existing library of infographics, which includes static (pdf) versions of all of our infographics in English and Arabic. Explore all PSRP infographics here.