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Syria Exhibition

Art as a Tool for Local Peace

Young artists illustrate life in opposition-held areas of Syria during the Covid-19 pandemic

A group of young Syrian artists have collaborated to illustrate life in opposition-held areas during the Covid-19 pandemic. The artists produced two exhibitions – combining art, music, and activities – that offer powerful insights into the daily lives of Syrian displaced and ethnic minorities, and demonstrate how art can bring people together and act as a tool for local peace.

The exhibitions took place in April 2021 as part of a research project supported by the FCDO-funded Covid Collective Research Platform, and forms part of PSRP’s work on the nexus between the Covid-19 pandemic, peace and conflict and the interplay between several layers of crises. In Syria, PSRP Research Associate Dr. Juline Beaujouan and two of her colleagues – Abdulah El hafi and Eyas Ghreiz – built on collaborations with local communities in opposition-held areas in the northwest of the country to investigate the shifting role of local civil society during the pandemic. Read more about the exhibitions and the research.

Browse a selection of images from the exhibitions below.