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The Importance of Regional Responses to Covid-19

War, Peace & the In Between Podcast

Episode 3: The Importance of Regional Responses to Covid-19

Regional organisations in Latin America, Africa, and Asia have responded to the Covid-19 pandemic in very different ways – some strengthening international cooperation, others highlighting existing tensions. We ask why regional organisations matter in responding to a global crisis, and how regional responses to Covid-19 might affect future international relationships.

Throughout the pandemic, states and major international organisations have been the most visible and active in responding to the Covid-19 crisis. States have shored up their healthcare systems, closed borders and restricted internal movement, provided economic support, and mandated mitigation measures such as wearing masks.

But by nature, a pandemic transcends state boundaries. Responses to Covid-19 from regional intergovernmental organisations across Latin America, Africa, and Asia have varied. In some cases, cooperation mechanisms have been strengthened, but in others existing tensions have risen to the surface and impacted the ability to coordinate effectively. In this episode, we look at some of these regional measures and ask how the responses will affect future international relationships as we continue to navigate this crisis, and as we eventually move beyond it.

Featuring special guests Dr Kathryn Nash and Hannah den Boer from the University of Edinburgh’s Political Settlements Research Programme.

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Show Notes

For more information on regional responses to Covid-19, PSRP has published a three-part series on intergovernmental responses:

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For more on the nexus between Covid-19, peace and conflict, view our Covid-19 Research Hub.

Guest Bios

War, Peace & the In Between is hosted by Allyson Doby, Communications Officer at the Political Settlements Research Programme.

This episode’s guests are:

Dr Kathryn Nash is a Postdoctoral Fellow with the Political Settlements Research Programme.

Hannah den Boer is a Research Assistant with the Political Settlements Research Programme.