Summary of Publications and Research Relevant to the Post-Earthquake Context


Compiled by the PeaceRep Syria Research Team, Conflict and Civicness Research Group at LSE.

The high level of destruction and subsequent needs in the wake of the catastrophic earthquake that hit Southern Turkey and Syria on the 6 February 2023 have brought several important questions about Syria-related polices to the surface. These include questions relating to early recovery in both government controlled areas and North West Syria, the politics of reconstruction, sanctions, and the role of the private sector and civil society.

The Syria research group based at LSE IDEAS has produced several policy papers over recent years, many of which can speak to issues being discussed in the post-earthquake context and offer answers to important questions that are being posed on all levels. The team are currently redrafting a future research agenda for the post-earthquake era.

This digest points to the most relevant policy papers offering insights into questions on political, economic and social responses and implications of the earthquake. References signpost the reader towards relevant sections of each publication, and provide context for its linkage to the current situation.