Meeting the Immediate Needs of the Ukrainian Economy

Meeting the immediate needs of the Ukrainian economy, the role of international actors and the importance of understanding the conflict as a conventional war

Ukraine needs urgent economic support involving protection of social infrastructure, public goods, institutions and state support to sustain its defense against the Russian invasion.

While military assistance is important, it would be a grave historic error (that risks some form of Russian victory) for the international community not to supplement this with rapid economic aid and financial guarantees that support the Ukrainian economy as a whole, protecting its social infrastructure and civic institutions.

Key pillars for emergency economic assistance:
● War-economy reorganisation
● Centralisation mechanisms
● Infrastructure investments
● Aid and credits for agriculture
● State insurance that effectively underwrites production
● Upholding Ukraine’s ‘intellectual sovereignty’
● Massive injection of financial liquidity needed
● Multistakeholder process for sustainable Ukrainian borrowing

Photo by Sergei Supinsky / AFP / Getty Images