A Year of the Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine in Numbers

Policy Brief: A Year of the Full-Scale Invasion of Ukraine in Numbers

Authors: Daryna Sudachek, Danylo Nikiforov, and Luke Cooper (LSE CCRG/PeaceRep Ukraine)

The full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine has now passed its first anniversary. One year of all-out-war is, of course, one year too many. But as well as the misery of bloody conflict, the last 12 months have also been a story of the remarkable resistance of Ukrainians to the occupation and colonisation of their country. The numbers presented in this policy brief, from the terrible toll of unemployment has taken on the Ukrainian economy, to confirmed civilian casualties, and the vast scale of displacement, expose the terrible hardship unleashed by the Russian war. But other pieces of information, like the intensity of the diplomatic activity undertaken by the Government of Ukraine, demonstrate the ingenuity and adaptation capacity of Ukraine’s institutions and the resilience of its civil society. On both these tragic and “heroic” levels, the statistical data reveals a deeply human story.

We present the data categorised into six areas:
• Diplomatic activity
• Economic situation
• Environmental impacts
• Human and social effects
• Infrastructure
• Military