Dr Tomas Vancisin

Dr Tomas Vancisin is an Information Visualization and Digital Humanities researcher. At PeaceRep, he focuses on visualization of transition trajectories, and the mediation space of peace and transition processes.

Tomas recently finished his PhD in Computer Science. He holds an MSc in Computing and Information Technology, and MA(Hons) in Comparative Literature and Russian, all from the University of St Andrews.

Before joining PeaceRep, Tomas worked on his PhD, focusing on the visualization of historical textual collections from the University of St Andrews dating back to 1579. Due to his interdisciplinary background, his research combines information visualization and humanities research approaches as a means to challenge these disciplines in novel ways and bring about new knowledge as a result.

Contact Tomas (peacerep@ed.ac.uk) for queries related to PeaceRep, information visualization, digital humanities and digital heritage.