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CV-19 Ceasefire Tracker

PeaceTech, Tracking Data, and the UN Ceasefire Call

CV-19 Ceasefire Tracker

This project will continue development of the Covid-19 Ceasefires Tracker, as a PeaceTech collaborative data project. Fiona Knaussel and Laura Wise will continue to update and build interorganisational data collaboration in populating the Covid-19 Ceasefires Tracker. They will work supported by University IT specialists to develop the interactivity of the tracker with other Covid-19 trackers, and we will provide a ‘Covid-19 tracker portal’ to support both researchers, those interested in the data, and visualisations specialists. Fiona Knaussel will archive our blogroll elements which tracked broad literature on the nexus between Covid-19 and peace processes, and keep a focused update on how peace processes are being affected, as a more valuable contribution. Read more about our Covid-19 Ceasefires Tracker project.

Strand II: PeaceTech, Tracking Data, and the UN Ceasefire Call

This project is part of Strand II of our work with the Covid Collective, we will provide data and analysis on how the UN global ceasefire call is being received and taken up, and what other conflict-related issues health interventions are having to navigate, with what consequences for political trust in both health providers and political leaders. This strand consists of two projects outlined below.