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Rethinking development means rethinking conflict resolution


As the UK government works on a new White Paper on International Development, Tim Epple offers insights into rethinking development and conflict resolution.


Minister Lord Ahmad hails PeaceRep for "world-leading research" on peace and security


Lord Ahmad, the UK’s Minister of State for the Middle East, North Africa, South Asia the United Nations, highlighted PeaceRep's contributions to conflict mediation practices.

The Impact of Community Leaders on Social Peace in Northern Syria


The growing influence of armed groups and regional strife in the city of Azaz has negatively impacted the ability of community leaders to maintain local peace.

Why the Daraa reconciliation agreement cannot build peace


The Russian-led reconciliation agreement in southwestern Syria has not created a path for building local peace, but rather a route towards a region dominated by insecurity and instability.

(Still) Searching for gender perspectives in peace agreements


Laura Wise and Fiona Knäussel examine the slow progress in women's participation in peace processes and highlight the need for renewed focus on gender equality.

Negotiating humanitarian aid with armed groups: Humanitarian imperative or red line?


The disastrous earthquakes that hit Syria and Turkey in February triggered a humanitarian emergency, with international response swiftly taking a geopolitical turn.