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Halbousi: The Extraordinary Rise and Looming Fall of Iraq’s Sunni Strongman


Simona Foltyn discusses the rise to power of Iraq's Mohammed al-Halbousi, and why he now needs to strike a new deal that ensures his political survival.

Elections on the Horizon? South Sudan prepares for end of the transition phase


Preparations for credible elections in 2024 will enable South Sudan to make progress in its protracted transition.

Sudan is trapped in feuding army generals: What are the possible ways out?


The international community can play an important role in ending Sudan's political crisis and getting the country back on the path of transition.

New digital tool highlights perceptions of peace in South Sudan


A new interactive data report presents insights from from a longitudinal survey, with key findings on peace and security, public authority, governance, and elections.

Sudan Conflict: How China and Russia are involved and the differences between them


Marcel Plichta and Mateja Peter discuss findings from a study of pre-war Sudan, and assess claims about motivations for involvement by Russia and China.