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Economic Power-sharing as a Means of Conflict Resolution in Peace Agreements.

Satish Chand is Professor of Finance in the School of Business at the University of New South Wales and based at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra. Satish is...

The Bangsamoro Organic Law: A Concrete Step towards Peace in Mindanao

In this guest post, Asli Ozcelik and Jenna Sapiano examine the peace process in the Philippines through a constitutional perspective, drawing on their presentations at this year’s ICON-S conference at theRead More


PA-X Timeline Progress

This blog was first published 17 August 2018 on the dedicated PA-X Visualization website. This is the second post in a series of blogs about data visualizations of PA-X,...

PA-X Timeline: a Data Visualization for the Peace Agreements Database

In this post Lucy Havens retraces the work of visualizing the PA-X database. The post was first published on PaxViz, a page dedicated to sharing the story of visualizing...


The ceasefire is essential – but what should happen next for peace in Afghanistan?

Why is a ceasefire important? Accord’s latest publication on peace in Afghanistan, produced by Conciliation Resources, highlights the need for a radical new approach to peace in the country – one thatRead More


6 ways to support gender inclusion in peace transitions

This post by Dr Sophia Close (Conciliation Resources) was first published by Conciliation Resources and is re-posted here with permission. Participation of women and other excluded groups in peace talksRead More

Balancing stability and inclusion in peace transitions: a way forward

This post by Dr Zahbia Yousuf was first posted by Conciliation Resources and is re-posted here with permission. Inclusive societies are more resilient and less prone to violent conflict, andRead More


Sequencing Ceasefire Agreements: First, Last or in the Middle?

In this post, Robert Forster (PSRP Research Analyst) introduces his new briefing paper, Quick Guide to Ceasefire Arrangements, and highlights recent trends in ceasefire agreements, the challenges of sequencing ceasefires,Read More


Why PA-X Matters: Introducing the Peace Agreements Access Tool

In this short post, University of Edinburgh Law School Postdoctural Researcher, Kathryn Nash, outlines the relevance of PA-X, how it has shaped PSRP research to date, and how you...

Ending the Political Transition? Analysing the Nepal elections from an inclusion...

Following a decade long Maoist insurgency (1996-2005) and the peace process that followed it, Nepal elected political representatives at all three levels of government: the local election held in threeRead More


On Selling ‘Principled Pragmatism’ in Transitions from Violent Conflict

In this blog, Jan Pospisil and Christine Bell address some of the questions their concept of formalised political unsettlement raises. The post was originally posted on December 12, on CPD Policy Blog. SomeRead More