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COVID-19 and Gender-based Violence in Conflict: New Challenges and Persistent Problems

Dr Catherine O'Rourke distils some of the most pertinent insights from PSRP research into gender-based violence and its relationship to conflict, and offers insights on the likely impacts of...

New visual tool illustrates local peace in Libya, Syria, and Yemen

Explore local peace agreements in Libya, Syria, and Yemen with our new visual map, based on agreements included in the PA-X Local Peace Agreements Database.

COVID-19, Emergency Legislation, and Sunset Clauses

The UK's Coronavirus Act 2020 affords the UK government new powers in attempt to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as with similar legislation enacted by governments around...

Introducing the PA-X Local Peace Agreements Database

The Political Settlements Research Programme is proud to announce the launch of its new PA-X sub-database of local peace agreements: PA-X Local.    PA-X Local is the first open-access database...

COVID-19 and Violent Conflict: Responding to Predictable Unpredictability

Christine Bell offers 11 baseline understandings for designing the most effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in conflict-affected regions.

Entry Points for Conflict Transformation in the MENA Region

PSRP Research Associate Juline Beaujean co-organized a workshop with the Berghof Foundation to discuss potential for conflict transformation with Salafi-Jihadi groups in the MENA region.

Conflict, Development, and Covid-19 Resources

Read our list of blogs and other resources addressing the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of conflict-affected states.

COVID-19 and Violent Conflict

PSRP's Programme Director, Christine Bell, writes about designing the most effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in impoverished, conflict-affected regions.

Peace agreements and persons with disability: mapping the relationship  

Peace agreements hold much promise for promoting the interests of persons with disability, but they can be equally destructive. For meaningful impact, provisions addressing disability are but an initial...



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