Executive Director to outline plans for PeaceRep's new peace and transition process...

On 16 October 2023, Christine Bell will address the 2023 Data for Peace Conference in a session titled ‘Peace Analytics: Peace and Transition Process Tracker’.

At the hybrid event next week, attendees will learn about plans for PeaceRep’s new peace and transition process tracker ahead of its launch in 2024. The tracker is designed to support adaptive implementation of peace and transition agreements and builds on expansive PA-X data.

The PA-X Peace Agreements Database is the most comprehensive online archive, database, and dataset of peace agreements and processes between 1990-2023. However, there is a need to contextualise this data in order to analyse how peace agreements and negotiations unfold as part of a process.

Real-time tracking and mapping of peace processes, the conditions around them, and their impact on levels of peace within a country is challenging for many reasons, but can help identify trends and inform policymakers and the general public.

You can join Christine Bell’s Breakout Session virtually, free of charge, to learn about the challenges of tracking peace processes, what this means for ‘Peace Analytics’, and for first insights into the new ‘PA-X Tracker’ ahead of its launch in 2024.

About the conference:

The 2023 Data for Peace Conference will take place between 16 October – 20 October 2023. The NYU Center on International Cooperation, with support from the Complex Risk Analytics Fund (CRAF’d) and its partners, will host a five-day hybrid conference with national and international experts in the data for peacebuilding and prevention ecosystem to facilitate peer-to-peer exchange and leverage emerging technologies and data science methods to tackle the growing challenges across the humanitarian-development-peace and climate nexus globally.