PeaceRep research informs new courses at the University of Edinburgh in Autumn 2023

The inception of these courses is a significant development for the PeaceRep programme’s contribution to knowledge exchange and best practice in peace and conflict studies. By incorporating findings into the content of taught courses, PeaceRep research can inform students’ understandings of new and emerging trends in peace processes and conflict resolution.

New courses for the coming academic year include an Honours course focusing on ‘Conflict and Peaceful Transition in the Eastern Mediterranean Region’, designed by Juline Beaujouan and an Honours course focusing on Global South actors, designed by Kathryn Nash. Two existing postgraduate courses designed by Kathryn Nash, focusing on Global South actors and on human rights and conflict resolution respectively, will continue to be delivered in the coming academic year.

Timely and relevant case studies from PeaceRep research have been incorporated into course materials, building on recent research and highlighting best practice implemented by global conflict resolution initiatives. Students will be prompted to learn from and consider modern issues that will inform future work as professionals. Guest lectures will feature expert input from the PeaceRep consortium.

The courses will be offered as part of various programmes of study at the University of Edinburgh, and will complement existing courses that focus on public international law, human rights issues and humanitarian law, armed conflict, peace and security, and gender justice. Beyond the Edinburgh Law School, PeaceRep courses are particularly relevant for students of Politics and International Relations (PIR), Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies, and International Development.

PeaceRep also presents its first continuing professional development (CPD) initiatives, designed to support the development of peacebuilding professionals through carefully curated resources and expert-led seminars on cutting-edge peace process research. ‘Gender and Peace Processes in a Changing World’, designed by Laura Wise, introduces gender inclusion in peace processes. ‘PeaceTech’, designed by Sanja Badanjak, introduces the cutting-edge field of PeaceTech, the use of data and technology to support peacebuilding initiatives.


Courses taught by PeaceRep researchers at Edinburgh Law School in 2023-2024:

Conflict and Peaceful Transition in the Eastern Mediterranean Region (Honours) – LAWS11496
Led by Juline Beaujouan

Global South Actors in International Relations and International Law (Honours and PG) – LAWS11482
Led by Kathryn Nash

Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (PG) – LAWS11318
Led by Kathryn Nash

Current students can register for these Honours and PG courses via EUCLID from September 2023. Find out more about these courses via the DRPS 2023-2024 portal – search by course code (eg: LAWS11496).


Forthcoming PeaceRep CPD courses (2024/2025):

Gender and Peace Processes in a Changing World (CPD)
Led by Laura Wise

PeaceTech (CPD)
Led by Sanja Badanjak

Peacebuilding professionals can now register interest for PeaceRep CPD courses.


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