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PeaceFem App

Learn about women’s participation and gender provisions in peace processes with our mobile app


PeaceFem combines data and resources on women’s inclusion in peacemaking in one easy-to-use app in English and Arabic.

Designed for women’s rights advocates, mediation and negotiation teams, and other peace and security actors, PeaceFem contains strategies for influencing peace processes, as well as the resulting gender-sensitive provisions in peace agreements and data on their implementation. Launched in July 2020, the app is now in use in sixty countries around the globe.

The app draws on PA-X peace agreement data from the University of Edinburgh, and 30 case studies developed by InclusivePeace and Monash University’s Gender, Peace and Security Centre.

PeaceFem is a contribution to the cutting-edge field of PeaceTech, which uses technology to support peacebuilding, including peace mediation. Read a feature on PeaceFem by InclusivePeace.

Key features and use

Key Features

  • Small size (50MB on iPhone) doesn’t take up much space on mobile phones
  • Content is easily accessible and available offline, so the app can be used in areas with little or no internet connectivity.
  • Search by region, country/entity, peace process, provision category, and strategy category


The PeaceFem team encourages users to submit feedback on the app to enable improvements and future updates. Please email with your comments.

How to Use

Watch a 60-second tutorial on how to use PeaceFem or see further our User Guide for a more detailed instruction with screenshots.


PeaceFem is a collaboration between: