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Geopolitical Transitions

Understanding shifts in the geopolitical context of peace and transition processes


This body of work explores how non-ODA states such as Russia, China, United Arab Emirates, and Qatar, and a range of regional organisations intervene in peace and transition processes, and with what goals. Read our key findings in the new Global Transitions series, produced in partnership with the University of St Andrews and the London School of Economics.

The Global Transitions series looks at fragmentations in the global order and how these impact peace and transition settlements. It explores why and how different third-party actors – state, intergovernmental, and non-governmental – intervene in conflicts, and how they see themselves contributing to reduction of conflict and risks of conflict relapse. The series critically assesses the growth and diversification of global and regional responses to contemporary conflicts. It also asks how local actors are navigating this multiplicity of mediators and peacebuilders and how this is shaping conflict outcomes and post-conflict governance.

Browse the series below. More reports are forthcoming in June 2022.

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China’s Peace Efforts in Ukraine


Bernardo Mariani discusses China's interests in resolving the Russian war on Ukraine, and opportunities for dialogue with Western nations.

Turkey as a Mediator


This report provides an overview of Turkey’s experience and engagement in mediation processes, highlighting favourable factors and obstacles to Turkey's success in the field.

Navigating the Horn: Turkey’s Forays in East Africa


This report analyses the understandings and motivations underlying Turkey's peacebuilding engagement in East Africa, and outlines potential future developments.


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