Sino-European relations amid the war in Ukraine

Author: Bernardo Mariani

The war in Ukraine is redefining global geopolitics and is affecting already strained relations between China and Europe. Despite diverse interpretations of the war’s root cause and contested threat perceptions, China and Europe have shared interests; both wish to avoid escalation of the conflict, manage the fall-out of the war, and explore options for its resolution.

This brief shares key findings and recommendations for Sino-European cooperation, communication, and management of repercussions of Russia’s war on Ukraine.

The Global Transitions Series looks at fragmentations in the global order and how these impact peace and transition settlements. It explores why and how different third-party actors – state, intergovernmental, and non-governmental – intervene in conflicts, and how they see themselves contributing to reduction of conflict and risks of conflict relapse. The series critically assesses the growth and diversification of global and regional responses to contemporary conflicts. It also asks how local actors are navigating this multiplicity of mediators and peacebuilders and how this is shaping conflict outcomes and post-conflict governance.