In Search of Results: Incentives-Oriented Programs in Afghanistan, 2002-2021

Author: Aman Farahi

This paper examines the use of incentives for results in official development assistance programs in Afghanistan, and the programs’ mixed results. Whereas general conditionalities were shown to be largely ineffective, specific budget support results-based programs incentivized necessary reforms and development, as outlined in this paper with four key lessons learned.

This publication is part of a series highlighting the work and analysis of the Afghanistan Research Network (ARN), a project convened by LSE / PeaceRep, and the Civic Engagement Project (CEP). The network brings together over 20 Afghan researchers (and several non-Afghans) with diverse expertise and backgrounds investigating a range of issues. This project aims to support Afghan researchers who were recently forced to leave Afghanistan; to ensure expert and analytical provision; inform contextually-appropriate international policies and practices on Afghanistan; and to deepen understanding of evolving political, security, and economic dynamics.

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