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PeaceRep’s research is brought to life in a series of visual representations underpinned by data from the PA-X Peace Agreements Database, a fully searchable database of over 1700 peace agreements from 1990-2021.

Our peace process data visualisations provide an exploratory interface for our PA-X data, offering users a quick visual sense of the scale of our data. Take a few moments to interact with our visualisations to discover patterns and learn how issues come to the fore at different stages of a peace process. View all on the PA-X database.

The messy timeline demonstrates that peace processes are not linear, and that real peace processes often unfold messily. Other visualisations include a hierarchy, alluvial graph, Yemen timeline, comparison of sequences, overview of issues and agreement types in PA-X, and visualising peace in time and space.

Visualizing Peace is a project by Lucy Havens and Mengting Bao which provides a map and timelines that illustrate temporal, geographic, and categorical trends in peace agreements.

Our interactive infographics illustrate key facts and recurring themes from our research into nearly 30 years of peace process negotiations around the world.