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Shots for Peace? Vaccination ceasefires and the fight against Covid-19


Vaccination ceasefires can be a valuable tool for getting vaccinations to those in conflict zones. The authors of a new report, Breathing Space: Vaccination Ceasefires in Armed Conflict outline...

Peace agreements with a gender perspective are still an exception, not the rule


Two decades after the UN called on all peace process actors to adopt a gender perspective, but amidst an unpreceded challenge to women’s rights globally under the Covid-19 pandemic,...

Implementing Peace Agreements through Domestic Law


Brooke Davies introduces her new report, Implementing Peace Agreements through Domestic Law, which examines how parties to peace agreements can and have used domestic law to implement their terms.

African Peace – Regional Norms from the OAU to the AU


A new book – African Peace: Regional Norms from the Organization of African Unity to the African Union – examines how peace and security norms and practices in Africa...

Pens Against Guns: The uncertain future of Syrian journalism


In the context of Syrian youth in local peacebuilding, this article looks at the media as one of the fields most impacted by the ten-year-long conflict. “Local Voices at a...

Syrian Youth and the Violence of Exclusion: Challenges and opportunities of higher...


Abdulah El hafi examines the challenges and opportunities of higher education in opposition-held areas. “Local Voices at a Crossroads” is an article series in which local actors of everyday peace...

Taiz and the Health-Peace Nexus Governing Covid-19 in the City


Robert Wilson asks how conflict dynamics have impacted the response to the Covid-19 pandemic in Taiz, Yemen.

Art as a tool for local peace: Reflections of young artists in Syrian opposition-held...


This blog highlights the role of youth - students, artists and civil society members - in local peacemaking in a northwest Syrian opposition-held area. “Local Voices at a Crossroads” is...

Regional approaches to Covid-19: Organisation of Islamic Cooperation pandemic response


Hannah den Boer examines regional responses to Covid-19 by the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation.

Political Trust at a Time of Pandemic: A long-term repercussion of COVID-19 on durable...


This article examines how mistrust in governmental actors and information about COVID-19 poses challenges to Syrian communities in opposition-held areas. “Local Voices at a Crossroads” is an article series in...

Emergency Law Responses and Conflict-Affected States in Transition


This post looks at emergency law responses to the Covid-19 pandemic in conflict-affected states in transition. While some type of emergency response to Covid-19 has been used in most...