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Is a Peace Deal Possible With Putin?


Contributions from panelists and participants at a recent private seminar, responding to the question: "Is a Peace Deal Possible With Putin?", have informed a new policy briefing.

Kenya’s Election Challenge: Constitutional and legal paths to addressing electoral...


A constitutional and legal path to addressing electoral grievances in the case of Kenya's 2022 presidential election can contribute to strengthening democracy.

Why we need gender-specific provisions on enforced disappearances in Africa


Including gendered perspectives on enforced disappearances in peace processes and peace agreements can be a further step toward women’s empowerment and gender justice.

Gender perspectives in peace agreements: Time for a new approach?


Updated statistics from the PA-X Peace Agreements Database Version 6 reflect gender mainstreaming in peace agreements reached in 2021.

Russia-Ukraine: Old War Logics, New War Realities


How can the West respond to the many elements of "new wars" in Russia’s current strategy for the invasion of Ukraine?

Expert Imbalance: The Blind Spot in the Localisation of Research Agenda


Why are there so many Northern experts on African affairs, and so few African experts on European and American affairs? Nyachangkuoth Rambang Tai and Jan Pospisil discuss the reasons...

China’s Approaches to Conflict Management


China's vision of addressing violent conflicts and security challenges differs from that of Western countries. Bernardo Mariani discusses the main drivers behind Chinese engagement in conflict settings.

Digital Famine: Discussing Risks and Prevention


Susanne Jaspars of LSE Ideas introduces and discusses a new report on digital technologies and humanitarian law in food security, starvation and famine risk.

Pulling the Pieces Together: Health and community actors as levers of local response in...


This post by Robert Wilson and Raiman Al-Hamdani is a companion piece to a recent PeaceRep Covid-19 research report on local Yemeni health and community actors. Arabic translation provided.

سحب القطع معًا: الجهات الفاعلة في مجال الصحة...


اوضح الجزء الأول من هذه الدراسة التي أجراها مركز اليمني للسياسات في ديسمبر ٢٠٢٠ خلال الموجة الأولى للوباء في اليمن، العوامل التي حالت دون قيام

The Role of Transitional Justice in Ukraine (QUB Blog)


This blog post by Prof Louise Mallinder discusses moves towards legal accountability for the invasion of Ukraine, to address the needs of victims and to promote reconciliation.