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Supporting inclusive peace through technology: PeaceFem app V2 now live

Version 2 of the app is now live in four languages, with new case studies on women’s involvement and gender perspectives in peace processes.

الفساد باق ويتمدد في العراق

الفساد باق ويتمدد في العراق

Review - When Peace Kills Politics: International Intervention in the Sudans

Matthew Benson highlights the importance of economic considerations in understanding politics in war and peace processes.

Review - How to End Wars: Lawyering Peace in a Changing World

A new book prompts the question: How will law and politics continue to work together in the context of new conflict dynamics?

Can political finance explain the different development stories in Ethiopia and Sudan?

Differences in political finance have impacted on political settlements and, ultimately, on developmental trajectories.

Advancing Children’s Rights in Peace Processes: What Role for CommCRC?

Engagement by the Committee on the Rights of the Child can contribute to protecting children's rights globally.

Constitutional Approaches to Decentralisation: WCMD IV, October 2022

The fourth annual Women Constitution-Makers’ Dialogue focused on constitutional approaches to decentralisation.

Local agreements and civicness in conflict: two new special issues

Two special issues have been published by PeaceRep researchers. Based on earlier research from the LSE Conflict and Civicness Research Group, the two special issues cover issues related to...

Transitioning from Taxation without Representation in South Sudan

Overlapping legacies of a revenue system describe South Sudan’s present, but need not be the template for the country’s future.

Changing characteristics of peace processes: New findings from the PA-X Database

Dr Sanja Badanjak outlines new trends in peace agreements emerging from PA-X data, following the latest update to the database.

Informing Peacebuilding Policy with PeaceRep Research: September 2022

Research Fellow Juline Beaujouan shared findings from Iraq and Syria with academics, policymakers, and civil society actors.

PeaceRep analysis cited in UN Secretary-General’s report on women, peace and security

The UN's 2022 report draws on PeaceRep research to illustrate trends in women’s participation and inclusion in peace processes.