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Famine expert Alex de Waal on Israel’s starvation of Gaza

With the basics for sustaining life in Gaza being destroyed, Alex de Waal warns that the hunger crisis is going to get ‘unimaginably worse'.


The Ungovernance of Gaza

Michelle Burgis-Kasthala explores the concept of ungovernance in the context of Gaza, connecting Gaza's past, present, and future.


Legacies of Slavery and Revolt in Iraq’s Port City

Taif Alkhudary sheds light on the intersection of environmental issues, racial discrimination, and historical injustices in Zubair, a city south of Basra, Iraq.

The Evolution of Repression in Iraq: The Shiite Coordination Framework’s Bid to...

Hayder Al-Shakeri and Alfadhel Ahmad explore the Shiite Coordination Framework’s repression strategies, anti-gender campaign and impact on civic space in Iraq.