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Reindustrialization as a Key Element of Ukraine's Recovery

This policy brief argues that Ukraine should pursue re-industrialisation through an effective programme of state aid and use of preferential trade and procurement policy.

Dr Johanna Amaya-Panche

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Postdoctoral Research Fellow
University of Edinburgh

Dr Johanna Amaya-Panche

Dr Johanna Amaya-Panche is a Postdoctoral Researcher working on the influence of international actors on the dynamics of inclusivity in peace processes.

Constitutional Transitions in a Changing World

This is a report of the main themes that emerged from a series of events on Constitutional Transitions in a Changing World.

China's Global Security Blueprint – Implications for Western Security Agency

In light of his recent PeaceRep report, Bernardo Mariani explores how China's Global Security Initiative diverges from Western paradigms.


Kamaran Palani

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Research Team - Iraq
LSE Middle East Centre

Kamaran Palani

Kamaran Palani is a Research Officer and member of the PeaceRep Iraq research team at the LSE Middle East Centre.

Gender and Peace Processes Short Course Applications Now Open

Apply now for PeaceRep's five-week online course on gender inclusive peace processes, running from 16 September - 25 October 2024.

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Yemen: Snakes and Ladders

Yemen's civil war resembles a modern-day game of snakes and ladders. In this blogpost, Peter Salisbury explores the complex dynamics at play.

Snakes and Ladders: The Regional and International Dimensions of Yemen’s Civil War

This paper examines diplomatic efforts to end the Yemeni war and why it has proven more difficult to end than past conflicts.

The Gulf States Mediating in the Horn of Africa: For Domestic or Regional Consumption?

Domestic considerations need to be recognised when examining the Gulf states' involvement in conflict mediation throughout the Horn of Africa.

Transnational Dynamics in the MENA Region: Exploring Policy Responses

Since the Arab Uprisings, understanding the roots and primary characteristics of the MENA region's changing security landscape requires a new investigative lens.

Interrogating Different Modes of GCC Conflict Mediation

This report demonstrates differences between Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states' approaches to conflict mediation and levels of engagement.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Women’s Inclusion in the Peace Process in Yemen

Yemeni women voice how Covid-19 affected them personally and professionally, highlighting restrictions on women’s broad participation resulting from the pandemic and how it has impacted their work on the...