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New PA-X Data Report Highlights Peace Agreement Trends and Insights in 2023

PeaceRep has released a new report on peace agreements signed in 2023, revealing insights into emerging global trends in the peace process landscape.

Spaces of Resilience in South Sudan: Higher Education in a New State’s Foundations

In this blog, Robert Wilson reflects on the challenges facing the youth population aspiring to further education under the current political leadership in South Sudan.

What the Nigerian Elections Teach Us about Political Competition in Transactional...

Jared Miller examines how electoral reforms and civic movements intersect with and are shaped by political marketplace competition.


Untangling the Politics of Violence, Identity, and Peace in Nigeria

Jared Miller introduces his two new papers, which explore how political competition in Nigeria intertwines with violent conflict, corruption, and identity politics.


Enhancing Website Discoverability: Redesigning the PA-X Website for Intuitive...

Shivangi Bansal outlines the UX principles that informed the development of the PA-X website's new and improved user interface.

PeaceRep Releases PA-X V8 with New Agreements and Enhanced Accessibility

PeaceRep is excited to announce the release of Version 8 of the PA-X Peace Agreements Database. Now live, PA-X V8 contains 2,055 peace agreements from 1990 to January 2024.