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Enhancing Website Discoverability: Redesigning the PA-X Website for Intuitive...

Shivangi Bansal outlines the UX principles that informed the development of the PA-X website's new and improved user interface.

PeaceRep Releases PA-X V8 with New Agreements and Enhanced Accessibility

PeaceRep is excited to announce the release of Version 8 of the PA-X Peace Agreements Database. Now live, PA-X V8 contains 2,055 peace agreements from 1990 to January 2024.

Contesting, Co-opting, and Cooperating with Liberal Peacemaking

Kasia Houghton summarises four papers which explore the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina and how non-Western actors engage in a long-standing peace process.

The Political Role of Corruption: How Money Makes the Political World Go Round

Delving into the relationship between money, politics, & corruption, Jared Miller sheds light on the political function of corruption in weakly institutionalized systems.