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Our Somalia research aims to deepen the understanding of the country’s fragmented predicament, ten years after the establishment of the Federal government and in light of the continued pervasiveness of conflict and political instability, both domestically and regionally. At the same time, the programme will continue to analyse and engage stakeholders around peacebuilding processes.

Track and monitor the implementation of peace and transition processes for Somalia via the PA-X Tracker.

People wait for food distributions and health services at a camp for internally displaced persons (IDPs) in Baidoa, Somalia, on February 14, 2022.

Our research themes include:

  1. Sub-national governance through checkpoints: A focus on checkpoints will reveal how the benefits of trade relate to public authority, the political marketplace and an understanding local, regional and transnational dimensions of the fragment state in Somalia.
  2. Justice and Security in Somalia: We continue with our established work in justice and security, following initial court observation-based work in Kismayo and Mogadishu. A focus will include the ways in which local justice initiatives overlap with local agreement-making.  The project will examine what analysis of the justice system tells us about local level conflict resolution and how it operates.
  3. Building on the Galkaio ‘local’ agreement: 2017 Galkaio ‘local’ agreement is a landmark achievement and is located within the recent formation of the Federal system in Somalia. It represents a multi-layered agreement with deep historical meaning in conflict and peacebuilding in the country, incorporating both international and insider mediation. This agreement has been analysed by the LSE Somalia team yet remains poorly known and/or under-appreciated in Somali and international circles. The agreement (and peace) is holding but remains fluid and incomplete. This study will update and deepen understanding of the Gakaio agreement and engage in a wide dissemination and discussion process with Somali and international audiences, drawing upon the mediation experience of Khalif Abdirahman.
  4. Emergent conflict and peace dynamics and agreements across the Somali Regions (Somalia, Somaliland and Somali Region, Ethiopia): The ongoing conflict in and fragmentation of Ethiopia is occurring while its Somali Region is experiencing an unprecedented period of relative peace. Recent regime change in Ethiopia (at Federal and Somali regional levels) has seen a changed political and symbolic position of Ethiopia towards Somalia (and Somalis), at both central, regional and local levels. These changes are having implications for the way political discussions and peace processes are taking place within and between Ethiopia and Somalia. This study will map and follow recent and emergent agreement processes across the Somali regions of the Horn, in a context of rapid political change.



The PeaceRep Somalia team is led by Nisar Majid and Khalif Abdirahman (LSE Conflict and Civicness Research Group). The team have established research networks in Somalia and the Horn of Africa, and are looking to establish further collaborations in the region.


Somalia Research


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