PeaceRep Releases PA-X V8 with New Agreements and Enhanced Accessibility

The PA-X Peace Agreement Database has just unveiled its eighth iteration, Version 8, marking a significant enhancement to this resource. With the addition of 52 new agreements, the database now boasts a comprehensive collection of 2,055 peace agreements that span the globe. These documents, pivotal in their roles in conflict resolution, have been gathered from over 170 peace processes between 1990 and 2024, with the latest entries capturing agreements up until January 2024.

This update not only enriches the PA-X collection with recent developments from countries like Colombia, Sudan, and the Philippines, but also incorporates historical agreements to deepen the repository’s archival value.

The PA-X Gender database sees an addition of 14 agreements, each shedding light on the critical intersection of gender issues within peace processes. Similarly, the PA-X Local database grows with five new entries, spotlighting localised responses to armed conflicts. These expansions underscore PA-X’s commitment to offering nuanced insights into the complex tapestry of today’s peace processes.

A map of the new agreements in PA-X v8

Improving Accessibility

The V8 release also introduces an innovative update to the search functionality, enhancing the user experience. This new feature allows researchers and scholars to view categorized segments within the broader context of each agreement, thus providing a richer analytical perspective on the documents’ contents.

Accessibility remains a cornerstone of the PA-X initiative. As with previous versions, the content of each agreement in the V8 release is meticulously coded and available for exploration on the PA-X website.

Users interested in a deeper dive can download the data as a CSV file for quantitative analysis or as a comprehensive corpus of agreement texts. For those seeking detailed study, PDF documents of each agreement are available, with translations into English provided alongside the original versions whenever available.

About PA-X

As a cornerstone of our PeaceTech work, the PA-X Peace Agreements Database is the world’s most comprehensive collection of peace agreements. PA-X data underpins a range of digital tools to support research, policy and practice, including visualisations, trackers, interactive timelines, infographics, and a mobile app.

PA-X V8 also feeds through the PA-X Tracker, a new, innovative digital tool offering data-driven insights to support peace and transition processes. The suite of PeaceTech tools contained within the PA-X Tracker enables users to track and monitor progress and implementation of peace and transition processes. The Tracker allows users to understand how peace processes are unfolding, who is involved in them, and what impact the processes have had on a range of institutional, political, economic, humanitarian and security indicators.

Explore the PA-X Peace Agreements Database, Version 8