PeaceRep wins Best Dataset and Best Data Visualisation at CDCS Digital Research Prizes

Best Data Visualisation: Ukraine Data Tracker

The Ukraine Data Tracker was created by PeaceRep team members Christine Bell, Sarah Schöttler, and Jinrui Wang. The tracker has two visual components: the Ukraine Conflict Map, and a dashboard for Russia as a Global Peace Actor.

CDCS shared the following as feedback received for the Ukraine Data Tracker:

The Ukraine Data Tracker offers a haunting visualisation of the ongoing conflict, readily making apparent the devastating scale of the war. This valuable resource will be used by both researchers and lay people, the depth of information contained within made accessible with an easy to use interface.


An easy and user-friendly tool that could be tailored to focus on different aspects of the analysed phenomenon. Also, a very timely project that could help users in visualising an ongoing issue.


Explore the Ukraine Conflict Map

Explore the Dashboard for Russia as a Global Peace Actor


Best Dataset: The PA-X Peace Agreements Database and Dataset (sixth release)

The sixth release of PA-X Peace Agreements Database and Dataset was developed and released with contributions from several PeaceRep team members, including Christine Bell, Sanja Badanjak, Laura Wise, Robert Wilson, Juline Beaujouan, Adam Farquhar, and Jennifer Hodge.

The seventh release of the PA-X Dataset has since been launched, and now provides data for more than 2,000 peace agreements documents spanning more than 150 individual peace processes. With this release, PA-X continues to be the world’s most expansive and comprehensive online archive, database, and dataset of peace agreements and processes for the period 1990-2023.

VIDEO: Laura Wise and Adam Farquhar introduce the PA-X Database (via @EdCDCS on Twitter)


The following was shared as feedback for PA-X Version 6:

This expansive dataset is more relevant than ever, serving to remind us that peaceful resolutions are still possible in a world increasingly ravaged by conflict. The extraordinary breadth of data gathered here offers the tools for future peacemakers to learn from and apply past successes to current resolutions.


Explore the PA-X Peace Agreements Database


CDCS Digital Research Prizes

The CDCS Digital Research Prizes event is an opportunity to celebrate and share excellent work by researchers across the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh. The research community nominated data-led projects and activities that show creativity, excellence and impact, and which model best practice in the use and sharing of data. Other categories for this year’s prizes included Best Small Data-Driven Project and Best Novel Use of a Digital Method.

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