PeaceRep researchers join global political leaders in Belfast for Agreement 25

PeaceRep researchers will join global political leaders at Agreement 25, a three-day conference hosted at Queen’s University Belfast in April to mark the 25th anniversary of the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement.

PeaceRep’s Executive Director, Prof Christine Bell, will participate in an academic panel session on Tuesday 18 April with a focus on Rights and Social Justice. Prof Louise Mallinder, who leads PeaceRep research on amnesties, will chair the Legacy panel session on the same day.

Other conference participants include the Chancellor of Queen’s University Belfast, Secretary Hillary R. Clinton, and Former President of the United States, President Bill Clinton.

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Exploring the Agreement and the Northern Ireland Peace Process

Monday 10 April marked 25 years since the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement (GF/BA), a historic multi-party peace agreement, was signed by representatives of the UK and Irish governments and Northern Ireland’s political parties. The GF/BA sought to end three decades of conflict in Northern Ireland, known as the Troubles, by creating a new and enduring power-sharing arrangement.

A new mural painted on to the so-called Peace Wall gates that separates the catholic and protestant communities in Belfast, Northern Ireland (April 2023). Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images
A new mural painted on the Peace Wall gates Belfast, Northern Ireland, with wording “25 years of building peace” (April 2023). Photo by Charles McQuillan / Getty Images

In the years leading up to reaching the Agreement in 1998, the Northern Ireland peace process involved multi-party participation for the implementation of ceasefires, decommissioning of paramilitary organisations, and multilateral negotiations, as well as the development of complementary agreements in the years following.

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In addition to the Good Friday/Belfast Agreement, the PA-X Database contains 34 other peace agreements related to the Northern Ireland peace process.

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Research and Resources on the Northern Ireland Peace Process

PeaceRep and the Political Settlements Research Programme – PeaceRep’s predecessor programme – have shared research findings on key elements of peacebuilding efforts before and after implementation of the GF/BA, including national identity, transitional justice, women’s inclusion and gender equality in Northern Ireland.

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PeaceRep has also published summaries of key findings on topics relevant to the Northern Ireland peace process, including Power-sharing, Constitution-building, and Transitional Justice.

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